Purpose-built technology for a safe operating environment:

Lightning Risk Mitigation

The threat of injury or damage from the lightning activity is very real in most survey environments. This risk becomes magnified during geophysical surveying that requires the deployment of conductive cabling and wire across survey areas. Dias has implemented effective procedures to mitigate this risk and has developed unique patented technologies, which are critical components of these procedures.

Our lightning shunt technology, DIAS-LS, is proven to effectively reduce or eliminate the propagation of lightning energy along with acquisition cables or wires. Not only does this protect our personnel, but this benefit extends to our operation partners, clients, and even our equipment.

By protecting our geophysical equipment there is also less risk of downtime due to equipment damage. As a result of this risk mitigation, our field teams typically spend less overall time on acquisition programs.

For more information on the DIAS-LS technology, click here.

Dias’ GS5000 Transmitter is purpose-designed to reduce electrocution risk to both the operator and the field crew. The transmitter is controlled from a wireless terminal where there are no high voltages present. A fully isolated physical disconnect is still provided to ensure that the crew is not at risk due to transmitter state errors that can occur with high-power contacts and electronics.

HSE Management System – Dias employs an online system called eCompliance for the collection, storage, reporting, analysis, and management of its HSE data, processes, and procedures. This system allows for timely and accurate reporting, training implementation, data management, and incident tracking and follow-up, among other features.

Dias Geophysical is an active member of the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association.