Safely ahead of the rest

The safety and well-being of our team members and partners is one of Dias’ core values. We apply this value to all aspects of our business.

Dias is at the forefront of developing and producing our own equipment, which gives us the advantage of building in a way that prioritizes long-term safety and sustainability. We always choose our work to protect our field staff, our systems, our clients, and our surrounding environment. The Dias custom built transmitter (GS5000) is the most advanced in its class in the world, having the best power-to-weight performance in the market. Building our own also means that we can integrate customized safety features. We are also working on extreme fuel efficiency by adding an energy storage solution so our fuel burn is approximately 75% less than that of other transmitters. It is also checked-baggage friendly, making it very portable for international operations.

HSE Procedures

Dias has developed a comprehensive HSEC management system and implements this through our HSE manual and internet-assisted software: eCompliance. These modes facilitate implementation of HSE training, monitoring and management.

Safety through Operational Innovation

Perhaps the most effective way to mitigate risk to our team members is to reduce the number of team members that we deploy on our field teams. Dias’ has developed new and innovative system hardware and acquisition methodologies that have optimized our operations to ensure efficient and effective acquisition with a focused team of qualified technical and operational personnel.

Purpose-built Safety Technologies

Dias Geophysical’s proprietary lightning shunt and current lockout technologies are unique to our industry. In addition to risk mitigation, these purpose-built safety devices provide a tactile and tangible reminder of the importance that we place on safety for our team members.

For more information about our Lightning Shunt technology, click here.

For more information about our Current Lockout technology, click here.

Dias Geophysical is open to providing access to these technologies for clients and contractors. If you are interested in obtaining either of these systems, please contact Jonathan Rudd.