Technology innovation is the core of our business

We believe that collaboration is a key component to ensuring that these programs are successful. Dias’ team of geophysicists and engineers focus on new technologies and deliver ongoing development of our own proprietary systems. We also provide R&D services for our partners and clients around the world.

DIAS32 – Dias survey system that provides full, high quality, and high-resolution 3D resistivity and induced polarization models of the subsurface.  3DIP

Produce a 3D resistivity model of the ground by recording naturally occurring electric and magnetic fields at the surface.

Produce a 3D resistivity model of the ground similar to MT, but through the use of a transmitter site located at a distance from the survey area.

Helicopter-borne magnetic survey system that measures the magnetic field.

A lightweight helicopter-borne AFMAG (magnetovariation tellurics) survey system, which passively measures the earth’s response to naturally-occurring electromagnetic fields.

Our lightning shunt technology, DIAS-LS, is proven to effectively reduce or eliminate the propagation of lightning energy.

The DIAS CARAVEL cloud service provides a customized solution for geoscientists who want to maximize the value of their big data.

Our history of R&D accomplishments. Dias dedicates approximately 20% of its workforce to R&D.